A new article posted from TNW brings to light that big apps and therefore big companies are still transmitting or recording your microphone even when you hit the digital mute button. This is a big deal and a huge concern for privacy reasons.

Now does this come as a surprise to us? No, not at all. You should always approach things with no trust until they earn it. Good life advice to be honest.

In the article, they recommend muting your microphone both digitally and physically if possible when you are not talking. We know that some people don’t have a physical mute switch on their device but for those who do, you should use it.

One thing that frankly sucks is the fact that the article does not name specific companies mainly because they can’t, read the article for more on that.

That all being said you should always be wary when being around a microphone or a device that has one. You never know what or who is listening and collecting audio bytes of you.