It’s happening again, another giant password data leak. If you haven’t already, you should probably install a highly rated password manager and monitoring your passwords and accounts for any changes that you did not authorize. If you would like to find more information about this leak, you can visit the link below.

This might be the mother of all password leaks, with billions of credentials exposed…

I like to provide you with some additional ideas/tips when it comes to setting passwords for your accounts.

  • Make sure your passwords are unique, and no other account shares the same password.
  • When setting a password, the longer it is, the better, as well as including special characters.
  • Look into and invest in a high-quality password manager that also monitors your accounts for any breaches.
  • Change your passwords regularly especially if you suspect something is up.


People who want to determine if their data was swept up by the malware can check the Have I Been Pwned breach notification service, which has just uploaded a list compromised accounts.