Today we’re going to talk about the ever so popular cancel culture.

We’re specifically going to talk about how if you take apart and cancel culture then you are a very toxic person.

Like I said in the introduction if you take part in cancel culture, you’re a toxic individual. Now you’re probably wondering why I say that. Well, let’s think about this for a moment. In any other social situation when you disagree with somebody would you demand that they lose their entire livelihood like their careers? Probably not, you would agree to disagree and move along like a normal human being. However, whenever people get on the internet, they lose their minds and get this bandwagon mentality of canceling somebody for something that’s more often than not very unimportant.


A thing that people don’t realize is in most cases of a successful cancellation of somebody it doesn’t solve anything in the long run. Usually, that person either gains more followers in the process on the platform or a different platform, or they come back later and become more prominent than ever. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t always the case, but more often than not it is.

Something else that people that participate in cancel culture don’t realize is they end up looking crazy in a lot of situations. Think of it from another person’s point of view. If they were to visit your Twitter account for example and see you going crazy on somebody without knowing what’s going on, they would probably think that you’re a little bit off your rocker. They might do some research to find out what you’re upset about, but a lot of people frankly don’t care because they want to stay out of the drama.


Another thing that is quite interesting about cancel culture involved individuals is they tend to keep following the person that they have a problem with. They also go out of their way to interact with the person. Why don’t they un-follow the person that they don’t agree with? Why don’t they ignore the person they don’t agree with? It goes back to something I said earlier. If you don’t like the person to the point where it causes you stress or any other sort of harm, then maybe consider blocking them or un-following them. It is a simple answer to the problem, but most people rather be upset instead.

Another massive problem with this whole canceling of other people is the fact that it can get out of control very quickly. There are plenty of examples of this. Simply do a Google search for cancel culture or just go on Twitter and wait a couple of days, and eventually, you’ll see it. The fact that people can get upset over something that in most cases, is so minute that they would rather see this person’s life ruined is very alarming. People should be concerned about people that think in that manner. No matter what somebody’s opinion is on something, a normal human being should never want to see another human being’s life wholly ruined because of it.


Something else that people don’t realize is that other people’s opinions can change. Some people are not educated on a particular subject and talk before they are. I would say in most cases; people speak before they know what’s going on. So before you jump on the bandwagon of trying to cancel somebody maybe try and educate them first. If they’re educated on the matter and they still don’t agree with you well then take it as their opinion and move on.


Another problem is people rather be worried about something that somebody said instead of real issues that are going on in the world. Look, I understand that it’s necessary to call out things when things are wrong. But in most cases, it’s people calling out other people for their opinions. How about we worry about other matters in our world that are more pressing like the Flint Water Crisis, for example. How about the Amazon rainforest burning? How about the wars in the Middle East? How about the Ebola situation? That’s just a name a few. The sad part is instead of worrying about those things, we rather worried about what a celebrity might have tweeted.



Desultory_Edits on YouTube: “Honestly people don’t even care about apologies at this point, they just want something to complain about.”

justme on YouTube: “You know its rock bottom when a _ comedian has to say sorry for his jokes.”

Ok? Okay. on YouTube: “I think stan culture is a driving force behind cancel culture. Same toxic relationship, different expression of an extremely illogical emotional connection.”

g e m i n i on YouTube: “The worst part of cancel culture is that most people have no clue what really happened and just use the most popular claims and opinions as proof.🐑

ElvinGearMaster Irma on YouTube: “Cancel Culture is literally highschool bullying. Ah yes, doxxing. Because truly the true way to prove you’re a hero is to literally ruin someone’s entire life. Truly heroic.”

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